"Abacus Stories Telling" 2006

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          Sarantis Gagas paints mainly abstract and expressionistic. Although he likes a lot to use the technique of “material painting” in his work, that is thick coats of paint spread violently on the canvas, in this particular series of works he makes a turn about. This is quite healthy for the development of his artistic career, as he does not imitate, but he re-assigns the form, as well as his past, abandoning the three-dimensional space and perspective.
              This series of works is a narration consisted of small stories among people who know, or do not know, each other at all. That which is diffused in the atmosphere is the effect and the clamor of their dialogues. The artist works repeatedly with charcoal on canvas, as well as with ink, acrylic and oil pastel and with these means he gives at his limited chromatic area a semiological sense. Red colour indicates the passion of the dialogue, black colour its solemnity and the shades of blue and green colour the pauses of clamors. Images are given in coherence, without any restrictions from space and time. In addition, this is a motive for the artist to withdraw from the figure. His interest is focused on creation: he creates irregular masses using the technique of “scratching”, which also indicates the repeated dialogue clamor. Type settings (numbers, letters) and short stories indicate a comeback in realism, round which the whole artistic composition is turned. The painter always seeks for new ways of expression and he gets inspired by primitivism as well as by emotion.

     Christos Arvanitidis

     Email: [email protected]

1 (48x36 cm) 2 (41x33 cm) 3 (41x33 cm) 4 (36x25 cm)
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5 (10x10 cm) 6 (10x10 cm) 7 (10x10 cm) 8 (48x36 cm)
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9 (48x36 cm) 10 (41x33 cm) 11 (41x33 cm) 12 (41x33 cm)
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13 (41x33 cm) 14 (33x33 cm) 15 (41x33 cm) 16 (36x25 cm)
Mixed media (carcol, inks, acrilics, oil paste) on canvas texture paper
17 (35x25 cm) 18 (47x36 cm) 19 (47x36 cm) 20 (50x65 cm)
21 (50x65 cm)