"Space-Place" 2002

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D33 692x949 - (252990 bytes)

oil on canvas

size: 140x80cm
year : 2002

D36 986x650 - (151793 bytes)

oil, graphit on canvas

size: 70x100 cm
year : 2002


Having always the same centre, all people move at different speed and divergence of them. They go through various stages – colours to which, though, they return since the movement is only circular…

Is this process taking place in time or in space? Is there any hope for an attempt to disengage themselves from their personal, familiar environment?

And if that does happen, where does it lead them? Somewhere close to their, own past space or to a new one completely beyond their original range of action.

That can only be white, since nothing has been written about it before, nothing has been known except for the fact that they have made an effort, they have acted…